Arctic Reindeer Furs Highest quality reindeer hides from Swedish Lapland, naturally soft, warm and luxurious - a unique compliment to the Home. Damascus Steel Jewelry Pattern-welded Jewelry by Damastikoru of Finland Urnaes Brooch Stylised Brooch in the Urnaes fashion, named after the wood carvings on the church of Urnaes, Norway. Viking Jewelry

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At, we aim to bring to you only the most unique and exciting jewelry, gifts and décor from Scandinavia.

All of our products are individually handcrafted in Scandinavia, which means your order from will always be 100% authentic and genuine.


Traditionally Handcrafted

We pride ourselves in selecting only the most unique and attractive products possible…all hand-made by skilled craftsmen in Scandinavia.

Our unique and diverse selection ranges from Museum copy Viking jewelry from Denmark, to unique Damascus Steel jewelry from Finland, to arctic reindeer furs for the home, and outdoors gift ideas such as native Lapland crafts.


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