Viking Jewelry Authentic Museum Replicas

Authentic Viking Jewelry museum replicas. Cast from historical finds, skillfully handcrafted in Denmark. All items are from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. They date back to the Bronze Age (1500-400 BC) Iron Age (400 BC-800 AD). And of course the Viking Age (800-1050 AD).

Our jewelry is recreated in Sterling Silver in Denmark. Gold options will be coming soon. The jewelry is handmade exactly as it would have been hundreds of years ago.

Here you will find magnificent Thor’s Hammer pendants from Bornholm. Valkyrie Brooches from Birka in Sweden. Runic Pendants and Charms from Hedeby. Viking Pendants and Necklaces, Viking Brooches, Viking Earrings Also sections For Him and For Her.

Exact impressions are cast from the original finds. Or fragments. This means they are first-hand copies of the originals. Each comes with a detailed description, location and age of the original.

Our Jeweller makes all of Viking Jewelry in association with Museums. Each is hallmarked.

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