Midnight Sun Pendant


Damascus Steel pendant by Damastikoru of Finland.

Pattern-welded Wootz Steel, handcrafted in Lapland.

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Damascus Steel is a precious pattern-welded metal that originated centuries ago in the East, and is famed for its beauty and strength.

Several layers of 2 types of stainless steel are skilfully hammered, twisted and folded to make the patterns, then hardened by high-pressure welding which makes it extremely durable and rustproof. The steel is then cut and finished using a unique process of grinding, polishing and acidifying to bring out the beautiful swirling patterns, which are evocative of the Northern Lights.

The design is minimalist, timeless and unique – no two items are the same, and the purity of the steel means it is nickel-free and therefore non-allergenic.

Traditionally used for Scandinavian and Japanese blades, this unique metal is now available as handcrafted jewelry by Damastikoru in Rovaniemi – the heart of Lapland.

D: 35 x 3mm.

Leather cord not included.

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Weight .06 kg


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