Reindeer Hide from Lapland


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Premium Arctic Fur from Northern Sweden

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Highest quality reindeer hides from Swedish Lapland. Our Grade “A” pelts are naturally tanned and cured to the highest degree by a traditional process and individually prepared by hand, which means that your reindeer fur is not only luxuriously thick and soft, but will last and last.

Our hides are from Scandinavian reindeer that have grazed freely in the Northern Arctic region of Lapland where the native Sámi herdsmen have – for thousands of years – farmed them primarily for food, tools and clothing. The pelts are by-products, which means that not only is your reindeer hide a great compliment to the home, but also a contribution to its conservation and to the lifestyle of the native Laplanders. Reindeer are abundant in Northern Scandinavia, and are not an endangered species. Each product has been obtained legally and in accordance with EU and International Law and is not listed within C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Renowned for their warmth (the hairs are hollow, trapping heat) and softness, the thick fur and pliable hide of the reindeer naturally withstands the bitter Arctic climate. However this also means that the hairs are fragile and as such, walking on this item or placing large objects on it is not recommended. They are intended as decorative items only.

Featured images are examples only; each item is unique, and as such colour, thickness and size will vary. The average size is approximately 70-90cm wide and 100-120cm long.

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