Reindeer Hides from Lapland, Finland


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Premium Arctic Fur from Lapland, Finland. Size: Large.

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Reindeer Hides from Lapland

Premium Luxurious Decorative Reindeer Hides for the Home. Size: Large.

Reindeer hides from Rovaniemi, Lapland, highest quality. The traditional tanning and curing process means our pelts are Premium grade. The traditional process involves preparing each item by hand. So your reindeer fur is not only luxurious, but will last and last.

Moreover, our rugs and throws are only from Scandinavian reindeer. They are free-roaming and have grazed freely in the Arctic region of Lapland. Native Sámi herdsmen have for millenia farmed them for food, tools and clothing. The pelts are by-products. This means that your reindeer hide is ethically sourced. It’s also a beautiful compliment to the home.

It is a contribution the lifestyle of the Laplanders. Not least, to the conservation of the Reindeer. Reindeer are abundant, and are not an endangered species. Each product has been obtained in accordance with EU and International Law. They are not listed within C.I.T.E.S.

The hairs are hollow, trapping heat which means they are super-warm. The thick fur and pliable hide naturally withstands the Arctic climate.

Featured images are examples only. Each item is unique, and as such colour, thickness and size will vary. The average size is approximately 130cm x 110cm (large size).



Reindeer hides should not be placed near extreme heat. E.g. near a fire or radiator, conservatories, or on floors with under floor heating. Please avoid stepping, sitting or walking on the hide to prevent shedding. Do not allow animals to lie on your hide, they love to dig out the hair.


Cleaning instructions:

Place the hide on the wall, use a standard vacuum cleaner but choose the lowest power. Vacuum from head to feet. Gentle cleaning should be done approximately once a year.


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