Thor’s Hammer Pendant


Authentic museum reproduction handcrafted in Denmark by Museums Kopi Smykker

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Thor’s Hammer Museum reproduction, Viking Age 1000AD.

A small, simple silver pendant discovered near Sejerby, Sejerø, Denmark. The original is currently on display at the Danish National Museum. Miniature Thor’s hammers were widely used as religious amulets during the Viking era.

In pre-Christian times The Germanic god Thor (Old English Thunor or Thor, Old German Donar, Norse Thor/Tor) was the god of thunder and of a fruitful harvest.

An ideal gift idea for both Him and for Her.

Height: 35mm.

Individually numbered and hallmarked. A booklet detailing the age and the place of origin of the original is included.

Item shown may differ in colour depending on the metal you selected.

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